Code of Conduct

How we work

BUHLER MANAGEMENT and members of our pool focus their entire effort and decisions solely on the good of client enterprises and their stakeholders and shareholders. Hence, we are obligated to adhere to BUHLER MANAGEMENT’s code of conduct elucidated below:


  • Hold our clients and interim managers in equal esteem, and act with integrity, honesty, professionalism, and commitment, in conformance with laws/values and the aim of building longstanding partnerships;
  • Act with empathy, always taking due consideration of the client’s situation;
  • Stay focused on the client’s needs and goals during all our deliberations and actions;
  • Provide only executives who have passed our stringent vetting process, are bound by this code of conduct, and are a perfect match for the task at hand, and
  • We regard our interim managers as part of our team and interact jointly with our clients by applying crucial elements of successful teamwork – communications, loyalty, and information exchange.

At BUHLER MANAGEMENT, the interim managers in our pool

  • Observe laws and accepted social values; we also expect such compliance and integrity from our business partners;
  • Demonstrate independence and neutrality in their assignments;
  • Are committed, professional, and loyal towards the client and us;
  • Shun unfair competitive practices;
  • Refuse to accept assignments for which they are not adequately suited, commensurate with their experience and expertise, and
  • They always strive to achieve the client’s goals in an economically feasible and efficient manner.

For the general public

  • We observe our code of conduct in dealings with the public;
  • Our conduct promotes the positive image of interim management;
  • We observe all laws, societal standards, and generally recognized values;
  • We consciously reject any cooperation that would violate our code of conduct, and
  • We strive for excellence in interim management by always conducting ourselves in a manner that helps achieve this goal.