Buhler Management

Excellence in Interim Management

Buhler Management was founded as the first premium provider of Interim Management in Austria in 2006. It has become the biggest providers of Interim Managers offering comprehensive experience in Interim Management for all project management and line management functions for all industries. In 2010 Buhler Management International in Switzerland had been founded.

The Pool of Managers comprises more than 1500 managers and is growing steadily. 3000 have applied for the admission but only 50% had been accepted. This is due to the strong due diligence process all candidates have to go through. Maria Bühler, the founder of Buhler Management, did the personal interview with each candidate herself and knows all members of the pool personally. This is a prerequisite for premium services and a key differentiator to other providers. Interim Management is people management. Emphasis is on social and emotional competence as well as empathy.

Buhler Management stands for

  • Competence
  • Highest qualification
  • Highest target orientation
  • Leadership
  • Social skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • … and as a result highest efficiency.

All members of the Buhler Management Pool must satisfy these requirements in order to fulfil your aims quickly and competently.

BUHLER MANAGEMENT provides services to all companies

  • with particular projects such as Reorganisation, Start up,..
  • in bridging unpredicted short term vacancies
  • with planning and implementation of special projects (ERP, IT, processes…)
  • whenever adequate human resources are not available
  • and public institutions of all sizes for worldwide assignments.

Trade licences of Buhler Management

  • Business Consultancy and organisation
  • „Arbeitskräfteüberlassung“
  • Procurement of Contracts for work and services