Interim Management

Expertise and Empathy

When do you need an interim manager?

Interim Managers (Task Managers, Temporary Managers, Independent Professionals) are engaged whenever consultancy as well as subsequent implementation is needed. Cases are:

  • to bridge managerial bottlenecks
  • to bridge bottlenecks for special projects
  • project management
  • if you require specific know how which is not available in your company
  • if you require assistance in periods of re-organisation, turn around, …
  • if you require coaching of your management
  • to help overcome times of crisis
  • whenever consulting and implementation are needed equally.

Your benefits

Always accompanied in an excellent way

  • perfectly fitting competencies
  • immediate availability and action
  • flexibility and mobility
  • no additional costs (exit costs, renumerations, etc.)
  • no juridical risks regarding labour legislation
  • view from outside
  • no additional Headcount

Interim Management is a fast business

We provide two to three valid candidates in the course of two days. At the same time we guarantee the relevant and required expertise of the managers.

Size counts!

To make this fast reaction possible it is imperative, that the size of the pool of managers comprises a certain number of managers.

Difference between temporary management and consultancy?

More than consultancy

In case of consultancy the result is the presentation of a concept and in general the advice for certain actions to be taken. The interim manager continues with the implementation. Consultancy is an integral part of a temporary assignment.

Consultancy = Analysis + Concept
Interim Management = Analysis + Concept + Implementation