Pool of Interim Managers

Experts at your side

The Buhler Pool of Managers comprises more than 1200 executives. Becoming part of the pool requires a severe selection process. 12% of the members are female, about 60% are Austrians, the rest originates from 32 different other countries.

Most of the managers have fulfilled management tasks abroad, particularly in the new countries of the EU, they have lived there and possess high cross-cultural competencies.

Specific expertise

  • In the management of companies, heading of business units, departments, teams in production, sales, human resources, etc. of all branches in many countries
  • Project Management in IT, any kind of power plants, R&D, …
  • Change Management, Re-organisation, Turn Around
  • Marketing, PR, Communication, Sales, Key account management,…

The due diligence process to become a member of the pool

  1. Application of the potential member
  2. Verification of CV – consistency, correctness, plausibility, checking of behaviour in Social Media by Maria Buhler
  3. In case of positive assessment the interview between the applicant and Ms. Buhler takes place
  4. Conduct of personality tests
  5. Verification of references, interviews with former bosses
  6. Acceptance or denial

Pool manager according to industries

Pool manager according to functions

Pool manager according to countries of origin

The age structure of the Buhler Management Pool